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成秀珍   教授

IEEE Fellow        




Privacy-Aware Computing; Wireless and Mobile Security; Fog Computing; Mobile Health and Safety; Cognitive Radio Networking; Algorithm Design and Analysis.




(1) Jia, Yizhen; Xiao, Yinhao; Yu, Jiguo; Cheng, Xiuzhen; Liang, Zhenkai; Wan, Zhiguo, A Novel Graph-Based Mechanism for Identifying Traffic Vulnerabilities in Smart Home IoT, IEEE INFOCOM 2018.

(2) Wang, Shengling; Huang, Jianhui; Li, Luyun; Ma, Liran; Cheng, Xiuzhen, Quantum Game Analysis of Privacy-Leakage for Application Ecosystems, ACM Mobihoc 2017.

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(9) Hu, Chunqiang; Cheng, Xiuzhen; Zhang, Fan; Wu, Dengyuan; Liao, Xiaofeng; Chen, Dechang, OPFKA: Secure and Efficient Ordered-Physiological-Feature-based Key Agreement for Wireless Body Area Networks, IEEE INFOCOM 2013.

(10) Cheng, Wei; Zhang, Nan; Cheng, Xiuzhen; Song, Min; Chen, Dechang, Time-Bounded Essential Localization for Wireless Sensor Networks, IEEE-ACM TRANSACTIONS ON NETWORKING, 2013.4, 21(2): 400-412




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