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丹麦奥尔堡大学教师Hua Lu学术报告

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Title: Search for Local Users in LocationBased Social Networks



Location based social networks (LBSNs)offer social networking services that are capable of geocoding or geotaggingfor users and user-generated contents. As a result, data in LBSNs mixes texts,geolocations, and social relationships. With appropriate search in such data,we can find local people who are able to offer local service, share localknowledge, organize local events, and so on. This talk will introduce two typesof local search in LBSNs. In the first search, we use keywords to modeluser-generated contents and consider popularity of tweets by a user. Based onthese settings, we design two user ranking functions to return top-k localusers. In the second search, we build topic based profiles for users andconsider user's social influence in search. For either search, we design indexand pruning techniques to speed up the search in a large set of LBSN data. Atthe end of the talk, we will also discuss some open research problems on localsearch in LBSNs.


Short bio:

Hua Lu is an associate professor in theDepartment of Computer Science, Aalborg University, Denmark. He obtained hisPhD degree from the School of Computing, National University of Singapore(NUS), and his BSc and MSc degrees from Peking University, China. His researchmainly concerns databases and data management, involving different types ofdata such as outdoor GPS data, indoor positioning data (e.g., RFID, Bluetoothand Wi-Fi data), and social media data (e.g., Tweets). Hua Lu has served as PhDforum co-chair for MDM 2016, demo track PC chair for SSDBM 2014, PC cochair forMDM 2012 and ISA.


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