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Title:Spectrum and Energy Efficient MAC for Wireless Ad HocNetworks

Speaker: Weihua Zhuang (IEEE Fellow、加拿大皇家科学院院士加拿大工程院院士加拿大工程研究院院士)               

Place: N3332会议室

Time: 20186199:00

Host: 成秀珍(ag视讯澳门官网)

Abstract: Massive machine-to-machine (M2M) communication has been identified asan important use case in 5G communication networks for variousInternet-of-Things (IoT) applications. The large number of machines/devicesnecessitates establishing an effective self-organizing wireless ad hoc network,complementary to cellular systems. In this presentation, we discuss how to dynamicallycoordinate the transmissions time and bandwidth based on instantaneous trafficload of the links in the ad hoc network, in order to efficiently utilize radiospectrum and device energy. First, we present an energy-efficient medium accesscontrol (MAC) protocol for a fully connected network. Energy consumption isreduced by periodically putting radio interfaces in the sleep mode and byreducing transmission collisions. Second, we present a distributed MAC schemebased on dynamic space-reservation in a multi-hop environment. For eachscheduled transmission, a proper space area around the receiver node isreserved to enhance spatial spectrum reuse. Third, we study joint schedulingand transmission power control. Based on an asymptotic analysis, we present ascheduling and power control algorithm to approach the maximum spectrumefficiency, subject to an energy consumption constraint. Numerical results demonstratethat the proposed solutions outperform existing MAC protocols.



庄卫华,加拿大滑铁卢大学电气与计算机工程系终身教授、加拿大无线通信网络一级研究主席。目前主要研究5G网络的链路层、网络层和传输层相关课题。庄教授是多个顶级IEEE会议的最佳论文获得者,曾担任IEEE Transactions onVehicular Technology2007-2013)主编,IEEE VTC 20162017的技术委员会主席。现为IEEE Fellow加拿大皇家科学院院士加拿大工程院院士加拿大工程研究院院士IEEE车辆技术协会理事会委员及副主席。



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