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德克萨斯基督教大学Liran Ma教授学术报告

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Title: The Struggling Writer: A Chinese Perspective onImproving English in Your Research Paper

报告人: Liran Ma教授,德克萨斯基督教大学

时间:  2018.6.29  14:00-15:30

地点:  计算机学院N3-332会议室


Abstract: Many Chinese universities requiretheir graduate students to publish at least one English paper in a journal as adegree requirement. However, many Chinese students find themselves strugglingwith meeting this requirement because of the poor English presentation of theirpapers. The purpose of this talk is to present some of the most common mistakesin English writing made by a Chinese writer. The mistakes include grammarerrors, word choices, and flow problems that in most cases hinder a clearunderstanding of the writer’s ideas. We will provide simple yet effectivestrategies to address these common mistakes.



Bio: Liran Ma is currently an AssociateProfessor in the Department of Computer Science at Texas Christian University.He received his D.Sc. degree in Computer Science from the George Washington University.His current research focuses on wireless, mobile, and embedded systems,including security and privacy, smartphones, smart health, mobile computing,data analytics, Internet of Things, and cloud computing. It involves buildingand simulating prototype systems and conducting real experiments andmeasurements.


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