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Title: Recent developments in multiscale topology optimization

Speaker: Dr. Jun Wu

Time9:00-10:00, Oct. 11



Topology optimization has been recognized as an important design method for 3D printing, as it fully leverages the manufacturing flexibility enabled by the layer-upon-layer additive process. It optimizes material distribution in the design space to maximize the structural performance under given boundary conditions and constraints. In this talk I will present our recent developments in topology optimization of multiscale structures. Multiscale structures such as trabecular bone are widely seen in nature. These structures are lightweight and exhibit strong mechanical properties, and thus serve as a good candidate for infill in 3D printing. To design nature-inspired infill, we have introduced density-based multiscale optimization of infill within a prescribed shape as well as concurrent optimization of infill and shell. This is recently improved by a homogenization-based approach to efficiently project such porous structures. In another direction, we explored the use of subdivision structures as internal structures in 3D printing. Here a continuous formulation to the discrete problem of refinement has been developed.


Jun Wu is an assistant professor in the Department of Design Engineering at TU Delft, the Netherlands. He received the PhD degree in mechanical engineering from the Beihang University, Beijing, China, and the PhD degree in computer science from the Technical University of Munich, Germany, in 2012 and 2015. Prior to his current position, he was a H.C. ?rsted postdoc fellow with the Technical University of Denmark. His research is focused on computational design and fabrication, which builds upon and extends the state-of-the-art in computer graphics, computer-aided design, and computational mechanics. Please refer to for research results.


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