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以色列理工学院教授Yoav Y. Schechner学术讲座

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报告人Yoav Y. Schechner, 以色列理工学院电气工程系教授

时间: 47日,15:00- 16:00

地点: ag视讯官网App园校区办公楼二楼学术报告厅

主持人:陈宝权 教授

TopicVision across the waves


AbstractThe task of seeing underwater provides a set of challenges, including attenuation, scattering, distortions, random lighting and refraction of both illumination and view, across media. In natural waters, all these effects play a strong part, simultanously. We address them using imaging tools including multi-view gemoetry, polarization, imaging models and statistics. Specifically, we describe seeing into air from underwater,and vice versa, which is related to marine animal vision.  Moreover, multiview and motion recovery in water is surprisingly simplified by random spatio-temporal caustic illumination patterns, which are created by water-waves. This, in turn, helps improve underwater visibility and 3D recovery.


BioYoav Y. Schechner obtained his B.A. in Physics in 1990, MSc in Physics in 1994
and PhD in Electrical Eng. In 1999, all from Technion - Israel Institute of Technology. Then, he worked as Research Scientist in 
Columbia U. from 2000 to 2002. He was a Visiting Associate in Caltech and NASA'sJet Propulsion Laboratory (JPL) from 2010 to 2011, and is now an Associate Professor in the Technion's Elect. Eng. Dept. His research interests include computer vision, imaging and cross-modal analysis, influencing the sensing process to extract enhanced information about scenes (computational photography), computational analysis of the acquired data by accounting for optical and other physical processes of image formation, etc.


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