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香港中文大学Fei Chen博士Interview Talk

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Speaker: Fei Chen,

                  PhD candidate in The Chinese University of Hong Kong

Time: 9:00- 10:00 am, Sept.29, 2014

Venue: Lecture Hall, Office Building, Software Campus

HostChanghe Tu

Abstract: This talk contains two parts: one is a technical work that can enable a systematic designing of a secure cloud storage protocol from any secure network coding protocol; the other is a general discussion of my PhD research projects.

For the first part, I will describe a systematic way to design a secure cloud storage protocol based on any secure network coding protocol. Then, I discuss the security of the systematic design strictly. Later, I will also show how to extend the systematic design to support more yet useful functionalities.

For the second part, I will talk about my research projects I have worked on in the past years, mainly on public-key cryptography and cloud security. I will focus on introducing the research problems and presenting some ideas to conquer these problems. These projects could also serve as potential research problems for master or PhD students.

Bio: Fei Chen is a PhD candidate in The Chinese University of Hong Kong. He obtained his Bachelor and Master degrees from Chongqing University in 2008 and 2011, respectively. He has worked on public-key cryptography and cloud security. These works have appeared in various journals and conferences, including IEEE Transactions on Information Theory, IEEE Transactions on Computers, Theoretical Computer Science, Journal of Parallel and Distributed Systems, IEEE INFOCOM, etc. He has a general research interest on theory, security, networking, etc.


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