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新加坡国立大学Abhik Roychoudhury教授学术报告(11月21日)

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讲课题目:新加坡国立大学Abhik Roychoudhury教授学术报告(11月21日)
讲座时间:2013-11-21 15:30:00
报告题目:Functionality and Performance Debugging via Symbolic Execution (ACM Distinguished Speakers Program Lecture)
Program debugging is an extremely time-consuming process, and it takes up a large portion of software development time. In practice, debugging is still very much of an art, with the developer painstakingly going through volumes of execution traces to locate the actual cause of an observable error. This tutorial-like talk will provide a comprehensive overview of the recent developments on this front, with focus on functionality and performance debugging. In this talk, Prof. Roychoudhury will show how symbolic execution can be gainfully employed to greatly automate software debugging of evolving programs.
As the vice dean (Graduate Studies) of School of Computing (SoC) at National University of Singapore, Prof. Roychoudhury will briefly introduce the Ph.D. program of SoC to prospective students.

Abhik Roychoudhury is an Associate Professor, and vice dean (Graduate Studies) of School of Computing at National University of Singapore. Abhik received his Ph.D. in Computer Science from the State University of New York at Stony Brook in 2000. His research interests are in software testing, program analysis, and trustworthy software, with specific focus on software for real-time embedded systems. Abhik’s research has been recognized by various awards including ACM SIGSOFT Distinguished Paper Award (from SIGSOFT FSE 2009), IBM Faculty Award (2008), and ACM Distinguished Speaker (since 2013). He has served in at least 35 program committees of various conferences in software engineering and embedded systems, and has been playing organizational roles in various conferences including RTSS, ICSE and SIGSOFT FSE.


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